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Medford 2799 Route 112 Medford, NY 11763 (631) 569-5307
Glen Cove 214D Glen Cove Ave. Glen Cove, NY 11542 (516) 609-2623
Mon-Sat 11am-10pm Sunday 12pm-10pm
Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight Sunday 11:30am-Midnight
Please visit any one of our locations on Long Island... where you will treat yourself to a delicious assortment of authentic Tex-Mex Cuisine! 
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Served with rice, refried beans, sour cream, onions & cilantro
Kid’s Cheese Quesadilla   Flour tortilla with jack and cheddar  cheese served with sour cream Kid’s Taco   Shredded beef or chicken with  lettuce and cheese on flour tortilla  Chicken Fingers
*All served with rice or french fries and a can of soda or bottled water
K ids Menu 00 $5
Whole chicken       14.95 Half chicken 8.25 Quarter chicken 7.25 Arroz con Pollo (chicken & rice) 8.25 Arroz con Camarones (shrimp & rice) 9.25 Arroz con Carne (steak & rice) 9.25
Cheese 6.50 Vegetable Chicken or Beef 7.00 Carne Asada 7.50 Grilled Shrimp 7.50 BBQ Rib 7.00 BBQ Smoked Brisket 7.00 Smoked Pork 7.00
Cheese 8.25 Chicken or beef 8.50 Carne Asada 9.00 Smoked Brisket 8.50 Smoked Pork 8.50 Shrimp 9.00 BBQ Rib 8.50
Garden Burrito - shredded chicken breast, lettuce, 8.25 pico de gallo, onion, cilantro, cheese & guacamole on whole wheat tortilla Chicken - shredded chicken breast, rice, refried beans, 8.25 onion, cilantro, jack & cheddar cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo Beef - beef, rice, refried beans, pico de gallo, 8.25 onion, cilantro, jack, cheddar & sour cream Carne Asada - marinated steak, rice, black beans, 8.50 sautéed onions, cilantro, chipotle lime sauce Salmon - grilled salmon, shredded lettuce, tomato, 8.50 avocado, onion, cilantro, balsamic vinaigrette on a whole wheat tortilla Vegetable - vegetables, rice, veg. black bean chili, 8.00 tomatillo sauce, onion, cilantro, jack, cheddar & sour cream Bean - black or refried beans, rice & pico de gallo, 7.75 onion, cilantro, jack, cheddar & sour cream Shrimp - grilled shrimp, rice, refried beans, chipotle   8.50 sauce, onion, cilantro, jack, cheddar & sour cream Sausage - spicy chorizo, rice, refried beans, arbol 8.25 salsa, onion, cilantro, jack, cheddar & sour cream BBQ - BBQ smoked pork, refried beans, rice,  8.25  jack, cheddar, onion, cilantro Fish - seasoned fried tilapia, pico de gallo, lettuce,   8.50 guacamole, onions, cilantro, rice, refried beans, jack, cheddar & sour cream Smoked Pork - seasoned pork, rice, black beans, 8.25 arbol salsa, scallions jack, cheddar sour cream BBQ Smoked Brisket - sour cream, rice, black 8.25 bean, grilled onion & peppers, tomatillo sauce
Corn and Chicken Chowder 3.75/4.50 Potato, Cheddar & Jalapeno soup 3.75/4.50 Mexican style Chicken or Beef soup 3.75/4.50 Split Pea with Bacon soup 3.75/4.50 Chili con Carne & Chips 5.25/6.25 black bean chili with chopped onions & sour cream Nachos 5.50/6.95 corn tortilla chips  topped with refried beans, cheese sauce, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, onions & cilantro Vegetarian black bean chili & chips 5.50/6.50 made with vegetables & soy protein, topped with sour cream, onions & cilantro House smoked wings
Chicken - shredded chicken breast, lettuce, 2.75 pico de gallo Beef - shredded seasoned beef, lettuce & 2.75 tomatillo sauce Bean - refried or black, lettuce, jack,cheddar, 2.75 pico de gallo Carne Asada - marinated steak, sautéed onions, 2.85 cilantro, chipotle lime sauce Fish -seasoned fried tilapia, lettuce & pico de gallo 3.25 Vegetable - lettuce, tomatillo salsa     2.75 Smoked Pork - seasoned tender pork w/grilled 2.75 scallions & arbol salsa Shrimp - grilled shrimp, lettuce, chipotle sauce 3.55 BBQ Rib - smoked tender BBQ pork, lettuce, jack, 2.75 cheddar Sausage - spicy chorizo, lettuce & arbol salsa 2.75 Smoked Brisket - marinated brisket, lettuce, 2.75 onion, red peppers & tomatillo salsa
6 piece 5.25 / 12 piece 8.50 24 piece 15.75
Buffalo or BBQ
Any burrito enchilada style - Add 2.00 “Birthday Suit Burrito” - no tortilla, no charge
Vegetarian black bean chili & chips Nachos House smoked wings Chicken  Beef  Bean  Carne Asada  Fish Vegetable Smoked Pork  Shrimp BBQ Rib  Sausage Smoked Brisket
Mexican rice   2.25   Tortilla chips 2.00   Black beans   2.25   Refried beans 2.25   Spicy cheese sauce 3.25   BBQ baked beans  2.25   Jalapeno cornbread 2.25   Vegetables 2.50
Corona 4.50 Corona Light 4.50 Pacifico 4.50 Modelo Especial 4.50 Negra Modelo 4.50
Dessert Flan				3.95  Choc. Chip	     2/1.00 Cookies RIBS Full rack 					17.25 Half rack   		  		  9.25 CHICKEN Quarter chicken	  		  7.25 Half chicken				  8.25 Whole chicken			14.95 BBQ Combo Quarter rack of ribs &		  9.75 Quarter chicken
2.00   3.75 6.95
chicken or beef
House “de la casa” - lettuce, tomatoes,	5.00 olives, cucumber, guacamole & carrots,  served with balsamic vinaigrette    - topped with marinated chicken breast 	7.75    - topped with marinated grilled shrimp		8.25    - topped with marinated grilled salmon		8.50 Santa Fe - lettuce, black beans,		7.00 corn, cheese, tomato, toasted cumin,  jalapeno and ranch dressing - topped w/BBQ breast of chicken	8.50 (On Corn Tortilla) Cheese, Chicken or Beef Enchilada with rice, beans & salad  Vegetarian Black Bean Chili with chips, rice & vegetables Chili con Carne or Vegetarian Black Bean Chili with chips, cheese sauce, guacamole & sour cream Chicken or Beef Burrito with a House Salad Two Chicken or Beef Tacos with refried beans & rice  Vegetable, Beef or Chicken  Quesadilla with Soup 9.25 Quarter rack of ribs &  Quarter BBQ chicken, french fries, BBQ beans & cornbread 8.25